• Cloud and On-Prem Cyber Security Risk Assessments

    Cyber Security Assessments to help your organization reduce risk and enhance the Cyber Security Posture.

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments

    A Risk Assessment is critical for understanding the various threats to your IT systems, determining the level of risk these systems are exposed to, and recommending the appropriate level of protection. Strategic’s Security Risk Assessments provide analysis and interpretation of the risks present in your organizational and technical environment. The objective of this analysis is to provide you with relevant information necessary to make an informed decision as to how to best manage the identified risks. Ensure that you are not introducing new risks after adding new applications or systems to your environment, making modifications to your existing IT environment, or sharing information with new external entities.


    Assessment report with following elements:

    • Detailed remediation for findings
    • Identify and calculate risk for findings
    • GAP control assessment and charts
    • Capability Maturity Index ratings and charts
    • Security Roadmaps


  • Download Risk Assessment WhitePaper

    WhitePaper on our Risk Assessment Methodologies

  • Assess and Reduce Risk

    Optimal security recommendations and roadmaps.

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    Cloud Security Assessments

    Assess AWS and Azure infrastructures

    Perform Amazon AWS/Azure Security Assessment with a focus on identifying opportunities to
    improve the current state to better align with a defense in depth-styled architecture,
    designed to minimize cyber risk and improve your organization’s security posture. Review
    networks, endpoints, mail, web, data, application, and 3rd party interfaces, along with
    assessing security configurations pertaining to the Center for Internet Security (CIS)
    benchmarks for AWS/Azure. Highlight weaknesses in architecture and configuration. Report on
    remediation and security control implementation recommendations to lead into roadmaps
    with a focus on both current state and future state of the AWS/Azure Infrastructure.

    How we will work with you:

    1. The visibility and context to identify threats and opportunities to your organization’s maturity, risk exposure and technical debt. 
    2. Take informed action to remediate 
    3. Demonstration security-minded, business agile transformation & architectural opportunities
    4. Discuss service outcomes, and introduce a Deployment Worksheet and Architecture Plan with Remediation Roadmaps
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    Security Risk Assessments

    Asses Cyber Risk in your Organizations

    Perform Security Risk Assessments against industry practices, CIS, NIST, PCI, SOX, ISO and create reports with Remediation Roadmaps and Capability Maturity rating scoring.