24/7 Monitoring with In-Depth knowledge of Advanced Threats

  • Early detection of Advanced Threats and Rapid Incident Response

    The well known issue with SIEM technologies is that organizations are overwhelmed with the amount

    of data being fed in to the tool, don't know what to monitor and can't focus on the end goals.

    Enhanced Security Monitoring and Reporting

    Monitoring of logs & events from network and computing devices on your network. Correlation rules are created for various use cases and to alert on significant events that may have impacts on systems and cause for concerns. Correlation rules will build trends and patterns of events and indicate possible attacks on the network such as the following:

    • High Impact Malware (Botnets, Ransomware, Malware pertaining to Cyber Espionage and data theft, etc).
    • Multiple Failed Login Attempts (indicating a possible brute force attack)
    • Intrusion Attempts
    • DoS attacks

    We will protect your network in real-time 24/7 against millions of advanced threats utilizing our Threat Hunting model.

      • Hybrid SOC Options

        Chose what works best for your organization



        Strategic can implement an appliance for a commercial monitoring product, or the use of Open Source product built on a server on the customer network.



        Strategic also offers a offsite monitoring service, where Strategic hosts the appliance at a Colo data center location, and customer logs are sent securely to this appliance.

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        SOC-AS-A-SERVICE In the Cloud

        Securely forward networks to the cloud, and let us do the hard work for you.

        Securely send logs to our SIEM at a Colo location, we will provide full maintenance of the appliance.

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        Dedicated Security Engineers

        Our engineers aren't just eyes on glass, they are certified and trained to identify early stages of Advanced Threats.

        24/7 our security engineers monitor events and alarms generated from the SIEM, and provide rapid triage and investigations.

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        Rapid Deployments

        Our appliances are pre-configured and ready to go.

        Simple and quick deployments, chose from on-premise implementations or out cloud offerings.

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        Dashboards and Reporting

        Rich in-depth reports for attack trends and infrastructure health.

        We establish standards for collecting metrics and performance measures throughout the organization in a consistent manner to enable accurate and useful reporting and indicating threat trends.

      • Protection from Advanced Threats

        With our SOC-AS-A-SERVICE subscription, we provide an abundance of IOC (Indicators of Compromise) watchlists to the monitoring solution. IOC’s will contain malicious IPs, Domains, Filenames, Hashes, URIs, etc and correlation rules will trigger alarms when any of these IOCs are identified on the network.

        This service includes tuning and enhancement of current monitoring rules for systems in place on customer network and monitoring can be done through secured remote access to the devices.



        Establish standards for collecting metrics and performance measures throughout the organization in a consistent manner to enable accurate and useful reporting and indicating threat trends. Additionally, the Data Collection, Validation and Correlation service should drive more consistent security data architectures to improve the ability to collect and correlate data across the enterprise.


        Rapid Deployment

        Our onsite implementations simply involve an adding a virtual or physical SIEM appliance on your network. Our appliances are pre-configured and ready to go. In instances where customers have their own SIEMS, simply configure secure remote access and we can started on our threat hunting.


        Strategic also offers offsite SIEM management, the appliance will be pre-configured and sitting at colo location, logs are forwarded securely to the SIEM appliance. This option can be ready to go in just a few weeks.



        We meet customer regulatory compliance requirements by utilizing hundreads of our pre-configured use cases including alarms, dashboards and reports readily available for PCI, NERC, HIPAA, SOX and many more. Meet critical requirements, especially those that mandate the tracking and monitoring of all access to network resources and critical systems.