• Security Training

    Awareness and Education for End Users

  • Onsite or Remote Training

    Services within this category define the guidelines and standards to educate, communicate, maintain knowledge, and reinforce security roles and responsibilities. This includes the formalized information security education of groups or individuals that handle information, develop applications, or manage systems. Additionally, this service category encompasses the means by which communication takes place, how users are kept aware of their responsibilities with regards to policies and standards as well as how information and knowledge can be collected, organized and reused.


  • Educate End Users

    Cyber Security Training made simple and fun.

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    Live instructor onsite

    We provide onsite presentations for training in smaller broken up groups, or a larger group (all employees at once). Our presentations are fun, interactive and inform employees about security awareness such as email phishing, tailgating and password security.

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    LMS Based Training

    Computer Based Training with audio

    We offer LMS (Learning Managment System) training for users. This consists an interactive software program which runs the training. User progress is tracked with quiz scores and users will receive a completion certificate.